About Us

OnIT Technology 

Founded in 2016, made up of a group of top elites who love the information industry. We focus on data center and cloud infrastructure solutions, including network, data management, storage, information security, virtualization, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. and other professional information technology. With the aim of pursuing excellent professional technology and improving the best service quality, we strive to help the company to play in the highly competitive market with the concerted efforts of all employees, in line with customer needs, technological evolution, continuous growth and improvement. The biggest operational benefit is to create a win-win situation with customers in the spirit of step by step.
Integrating services and the cloud is an inevitable trend in recent years, and it is also the enterprise value that we are truly proud of. We are convinced that forward-looking demand planning, moderately expanded soft/hardware architecture combined with cloud computing, and dedicated technology Talents can grow not only the technology but also with the customer's business needs; so our customers can truly enjoy the never-ending professional services, and gives recognition.