Data storage and application

  • Data storage application
  • Offsite backup plan
  • Backup policy application
  • Application integration
The early information infrastructure was relatively simple. Except for a few important information services, Direct Attached Storage (DAS), the rest of the information services were stored on the built-in hard drives of their respective servers. Other types of transportation and resource allocation, there are two types of centralized storage devices, such as storage area network storage (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS), to help customers. Information infrastructure for storage concentration (Storage Consolidation).

New generation storage device solution features

Today, more and more workload types, including the most popular virtualization and container technologies, are emerging. The emerging storage media, Solid-State Disk (SSD) With the arrival of the storage technology revolution and the advent of more and more parallel-scale application architectures, storage devices are beginning to evolve solutions for a variety of optimized storage devices from a single storage device.

Hybrid Storage and Solid-State Array
  • SSD Solid State Drive Access Optimization
  • Inline compression and data deduplication
  • Scale-Out or Scale-Up scalability
Hyperconverged Integrated system
  • Software Defined Storage
  • Use the server hard disk directly to form a storage device
  • Hybrid or All Flash architecture
  • Scale-Out scalability with linear growth