Palo Alto Network is a corporate network security company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. The company's core product is a "next-generation firewall" platform that provides visibility into network activity, enabling granular control of network activity based on applications, users and content, while providing cloud-based security services to extend firewall security. 

As a new generation of security companies, Palo Alto Networks helps tens of thousands of organizations around the world prevent network intrusions and maintain trust in digital ages. With our deep network security expertise, innovative betting efforts, and disruptive new generation security platforms, customers can confidently pursue digital-based strategies and begin to adopt new technology initiatives such as cloud and mobile technology. These mindsets and expertise help clients organize their business and empower their employees while maintaining the complete visibility and control needed to protect critical control systems and valuable assets.

Palo Alto Networks has built an intrusion prevention platform from scratch, and threat information can be shared among all the security features in the system, designed for modern, increasingly mobile networks. By combining network, cloud and endpoint security with advanced threat intelligence in native integrated security platforms, we enable security support for all applications and provide a high level of protection against network threats at all stages of the attack lifecycle. Automated preventive protection without sacrificing performance. Customers benefit from superior security that is superior to all traditional or single-point products and achieve better total cost of ownership.

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