VMware believes that software can open up new opportunities for humans and the global environment. In the face of obstacles, VMware does not compromise, but develop new ways to make the technology work smoothly. VMware's software forms the digital foundation that injects energy into applications, services, and experiences, and contributes to the transformation of the world.

VMware enables companies to quickly and flexibly control new technologies without disrupting operations. VMware simplifies the process of digital enterprise transformation for users, allowing them to provide better experience for their customers and drive business growth. VMware software helps business users get the best out of their work in a secure way, with easy access to the applications and information they need. Companies can innovate on a large scale and gain a competitive advantage.

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SDDC Platform

Network and security

Storage and availability

Hyper-converged infrastructure

Cloud management platform

Network function virtualization

Digital workspace

Desktop platform and application virtualization

Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure